High Value Cargo


When your high value product requires extra care during transit, we have the experience, equipment, and processes in place to handle the move safely and successfully. We specialize in the transporting of cosmetics, packaging supplies, aftermarket wheels, commercial cooktops, and other various manufactured products either palletized or loose. We service a large range of industries.

  • Risk Avoidance Procedures
    Air-Ride trailers.
    Direct routes with fewer transfers, less handling, and decreased risk of damages or delays.
    We automatically secure and seal cargo upon closing of rear door.
    We secure all tall and top heavy pallets with e-track and straps.


  • Proactive Communication
    Instant communication from our operations team to Client Point of Contact. Upon a shipment delay we initiate a plan of action based on alternative route options available and expected delivery time outcomes.


  • Additional High Value Services also include:
    Exclusive Use Vehicles (EUV): For extremely urgent or time sensitive shipments that need special treatment or cannot be loaded with other goods. We offer a range of exclusive trucks to meet the demands of our customers. Shipment integrity is critical.

    Crating & Packaging: Our knowledgeable drivers will proactively add shrink wrap, bubble wrap, or additional sensitivity packaging to ensure the safe delivery of your valuable goods.

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